this section will be updated shortly, once I’ve settled in as lecturer in political theory at the department of political economy, king’s college london. please bear with me until i’ve worked out the relevant requirements. relevant lecture slides are available on KEATS.
in the meantime, the diligent and adventurous should consult the list of interesting books.
below I’ve preserved my cambridge teaching resources, relevant until the end of the 2017-18 year for those students who may find them useful.
below are my specialised paper guides and reading lists for courses i teach. these are intended to be complementary to the relevant faculty reading lists and lecture series, and should be used in conjunction with those.
first year students in particular are advised to consult this excellent guide on how to write university essays.
the modern state and its alternatives 
supervision guide 2017-18
week 1 – hobbes
week 2 – weber
week 3 – the federalists
week 4 – tocqueville
week 5 – schumpeter
week 6– nietzsche
the history of political thought c. 1700-1890
introduction and week 1 – luxury and commercial society
week 2 – hume
week 3 – montesquieu
week 4 – rousseau
week 5 – the political thought of the french revolution
week 6 – burke
for historians, two further supervisions are compulsory. for hsps students, two further supervisions may be provided if requested. suggested topics: smith; kant; nationalism and the state; empire and civilisation in nineteenth-century political thought.
revision guide
How to Fail Political Theory Exams