Book Reviews

academic review essays
‘back to basics’, review of jeremy waldron, one another’s equals: the basis of human equality and andrea sangiovanni, humanity without dignity: moral equality, respect, and human rights, in contemporary political theory (forthcoming)
‘burke unboxed’, review of david bromwich, the intellectual life of edmund burke: from the sublime and beautiful to american independence and richard bourke, empire and revolution: the political life of edmund burke, in political theory 2018 (46:2), pp. 280-98.
academic book reviews
christopher j. berry – essays on hume, smith and the scottish enlightenment; shinji nohara – commerce and strangers in adam smith; hye-joon yoon – the rhetoric of tenses in adam smith’s wealth of nations, in european journal of the history of economic thought
– alison mcqueen, political realism in apocalyptic times, in political theory (forthcoming)
– bernardo zacka, when the state meets the street: public service and moral agency, in political quarterly (2018) 89:2, 339-40.
– duncan bell, reordering the world: essays on liberalism and empire, in political studies review (2017) 15:4, 613-14.
– jacqueline a. taylor, reflecting subjects: passion, sympathy, and society in hume’s philosophy, in political theory 2017 (45:4), pp. 577-81.
– anna plassart, the french revolution in the scottish enlightenment, in global intellectual history 2017 (1:1), pp. 95-7.
– uwe steinhof (ed.) do all persons have equal moral worth? on ‘basic equality’ and equal respect and concern, in political studies review 2016 (14:1), p. 77.
– richard whatmore, against war and empire: britain, geneva and france in the eighteenth centuryin political theory, 2014 (42:6) pp. 748-52.
– ulrike heuer and gerald lang (eds.), luck, value and commitment: themes from the ethics of bernard williams, in political studies review, 2014 (1) pp. 98-9.
– david runciman, political hypocrisy: the mask of power from hobbes to orwellin journal of intellectual history and political thought2012 (1) pp. 296-9.
–  john p. wright, Hume’s a treatise of human nature an introduction, in teaching philosophy2011 (34) pp. 189-92.
general reviews
– tommy caldwell, the push: a climber’s story of endurance, risk, and going beyond limits, in the guardian (review), 9th September 2017, p. 8
– william davies, the limits of neoliberalism: authority, sovereignty and the logic of competition, in political quarterly (2017) (88:4), pp. 735-7.
– christopher achens and larry bartels, democracy for realists, and philip cowley and robert ford, more sex, lies and the ballot box, in political quarterly (2017) (88:1), pp. 158-60
– jeremy waldron, political political theory: essays on institutions, in political quarterly (2016) (87:3), pp. 464-6.
– richard tuck, the sleeping sovereign: the invention of modern democracy, in times literary supplement, 17th June 2016, p. 12.
shalini satkunanandan, extraordinary responsibility: politics beyond the moral calculus, in times literary supplement, 23rd March 2016, p. 26.
tony judt, when the facts change, in cambridge humanities review, 2015 (9), pp. 28-30.
samuel scheffler, death and the afterlife, in Oxonian Review.
thomas piketty, capital in the twenty-first century, in cambridge humanities review, 2014 (7) pp. 2-5.
– raymond geuss, a world without why, in oxonian review.
bernard williams, essays and reviews 1959-2002, in oxonian review.
– jeremy waldron, the harm in hate speech, in cambridge humanities review, 2013 (5) pp. 17-19.
tim mulgan, ethics for a broken world: imagining philosophy after catastrophe, in cambridge humanities review, 2013 (4) pp. 3-6.
– robert skidelsky and edward skidelsky, how much is enough? the love of money and the case for the good life, in cambridge humanities review, 2012 (2), pp. 11-5