Academic Publications

– the opinion of mankind: sociability and the theory of the state from hobbes to smith (princeton university press, 2018)
reviewed in:  political theorysurvival: global politics and strategy, hume studies, ndpr, history of european ideas, hobbes studies
peer reviewed papers
‘adam smith and the conspiracy of the merchants’ – global intellectual history (forthcoming)
‘liberty, nondomination, markets’ – the review of politics (forthcoming)
‘bhishma’s boon: reflections on the complexity of immortality’ – the journal of value inquiry (forthcoming)
‘istvan hont and political theory’, special issue of european journal of political theory on istvan hont as political theorist 2018 (17:4), pp. 476-500.
– ‘what is the leviathan?‘, special issue of hobbes studies on hobbes and personation 2018 (31:2), pp. 75-92.
‘smith and rousseau, after hume and mandeville’political theory 2018 (46:1), pp. 29-58.
‘legitimacy and domination’ in politics recovered: realist thought in theory and practice ed. m. sleat (new york: columbia university press, 2018).
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‘from scepticism to liberalism: bernard williams, the foundations of liberalism, and political realism’ – political studies, 2016 (64:2), pp. 368-84. [shortlisted for the harrison prize for the best article published in political studies, 2016]
– ‘of mushrooms and method: history and the family in hobbes’s science of politics’ – european journal of political theory, 2015 (14:1) pp. 98-117.
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